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fixin' to fix some things

This summer I'm focusing on a little studio housekeeping which includes tending to the backlog of half-finished books that have, for one reason or another, wound up in a misfit pile. These books have waited years. They crossed state lines. Don’t they deserve a little attention? I would say so.

I began working on this little book for a project in grad school. One of the requirements for the book was to be rounded and backed, but a combination of too little swell and over-rounding left me without a shoulder. A somewhat cryptic smudgy note accompanied the book suggesting I try shaping the inside of the case boards with a gradual bevel to account for the lack of a shoulder. The shaping ended up pretty successful in this three-piece case binding covered in a geometric paper. My one regret is not lining the boards prior to covering with this thin decorative paper. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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